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Ride Finder
 Ride Finder

Ride Finder
Find potential ride matches for your regular commute or a one-time trip, even before you register.

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Welcome to the Utah Transit Authority Ridematching Database

Come join the thousands of Wasatch Front area commuters already registered in our online ridematching database. It only takes a few minutes to register and it's completely FREE. When you sign up, you'll find possible commuting partners who live and work near you, and have similar work schedules. Like you, they're looking for carpool, vanpool or even bike partners to share a ride with, so they can enjoy a more pleasant (and economical) commute to work. To get started and receive a list of possible commuting partners, simply register online for our ridematching service.

After you complete our simple commuter profile, we'll instantly match you with the best candidates based on your information and preferences. You can print your results immediately, then email or call people near you and arrange to share a ride today. Go ahead, try it once - you're under no obligation to continue if it's not right for you.

Rest assured, Utah Transit Authority keeps your information private. We do not display your home address on other commuters' ridematch lists and we don't distribute your information to other organizations. Read our Security and Privacy Policy.

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